A Hundred Million Crucifixions

A Hundred million crucifixions is a sound and light sculpture exhibition of one hundred million children in diverse fields of labor. The crucifix is made of the product the child toils to create. A pile of bricks for a construction worker, spoons, tumblers and plates for a child in the hotel, large match sticks for a child from Sivakasi. Big brooms for domestic workers, Spanners for a garage toiler! Sugar cane for the sweet darlings of sorrow, a cow for a bonded labour cowboy and so on.

The sound and light show will be a spectacle to behold. The travails and tribulations of the working child will be recreated to stun, jolt and educate the viewer.

A hundred voices of Children recorded during the History Expedition will speak to the audiences. The 100 images of the crucified children will be placed in an oval open ground. The audiences will be placed centrally, surrounded by the speaking children. As the light comes on to a particular child, the child will introduce itself about its work and struggles, its dreams to create a sense of awe and motivation to the adults and especially child spectators about the conditions of working children. Large images of working will be shown on big video screens. The sculpture can be made in different mediums.
Hereunder is the cost, time frame, and its durability for the realization.

More details> Cost of the Project / We are looking for funds to support the project

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