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Bornfree Art School is now located in the Tamil Government School, Austin Town, in the heart of the Bangalore city. We came to this school to improve the condition of the school and attract children to education through teaching dance, music, theater, sculpturing, painting, photographying and sports. There are no aid from the government to make the school condition better, for which we will take up. Its school children are potentially child labourers and street children because they all come from the very poor backgrounds. Students of BAS now teach school children dance, theater etc and they attend the regular classes at the school.

Since last week, we started the Shramadan" the contribution of labor". We clean the toilets, scrape walls to paint freshly and get all desks and chairs repaired. We are pleased to inform you that Bornfree Art School made a plan of action of the year of 2007. Here is a schedule that we planned with students.

Year 2007

BAS started to operate in Austin Town, every Sunday; Shramdan

launching the street theater "Come back to School" Workshop; 3rd-10th

10th Spartacus Returns; 15th- 25th History Expedition 2 in Tamil Nadu

Camp for children{working, street, freed bonded labour, school going children}

3rd Sculpture / Painting Exhibition; 16th-17th ; Dance / Theater Performance @ Ranga Shankara
National Release of History Expedition in the Capital; The students of the Bornfree Art School International met Shri Oscar Fernandez honorable union Minister for labour after the release of the documentary film History Expedition. More details...

School Holidays

15th : 3rd Academic Year starts
History Expedition submitted to the Indian Parliament on 30th August~Children of the Bornfree flew first time to Delhi to submit the film of History Expedition in the Parliament organized by UNICEF India;
More details with photographs here ...




~ 15 children are to be trained dance from 10th to 23rd of November in Ahmedabad by the Mallika Sarabhai, the most prominent classical dancer and actor of India. Reports are updated here;
~ 12 children along with John Devaraj conduct workshops for tribal children in Chattisgar with the collaboration of UNICEF. Children who are affected by local conflicts are residing in the forest to be educated. The BAS will bring artistic aspects into their education.

December; The schedule is changed
Childrenize the World CONFLUENCE ~ 1st to 13th December 2007 in Bangalore
The Liberation Parade will be on the 12th of December in Bangalore. Artists from various places come to work with children to create beatiful things out of waste {Kasa innda Rasa}. Each child brings waste material they can find everywhere they are. Then they create beautiful puppets, music instruments etc. from the waste (garbage, broken glasses, steel, fiber glasses, unused daily necessities, etc.). The parade called Liberation Parade will be taking place with created puppets and music instruments. For participation, please contact at

Contact Ph; 9886306366, 9886011830

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