Bornfree Kids ~ Profile 2006-2007

Victor JaraVictor Jara, 19

Born and brought up at the vegetable market in Bangalore. He made about 5000 photographs of child labour in the History Expedition{HEX}. Out of which, he sold 5 photographs, earned Rs. 10,000/- and investigate his earning to support three BAS students to study in the pre-university {high school}. He also paints about women's questions how they are treated in the Indian society. He is also very good at dance, theater, photography and sculpture-making. He believes in revolution for working and street children.

JayramJayaram, 18

Dropped out at the 3rd standard. He worked in the bar and restaurant for a year. He says he learnt bad habits such as drinking, smoking from adults at the restaurant. Fled from workplace and joined the streets and get addicted to the drugs. He was jailed since he has stolen piles of bullet shells for their brass worth After the release by his mother, he joined an NGO and completed the 7th standard. He plays a role of Child Spartacus in the Spartacus Returns. Very good at painting, drawing, sculpting, dancing and theater.

Raja JaibeamRaja Jaibeam, 18

He is an orphan and was a rag picker in Jayanagar. He was brought to the BAS by Kiran, one of the students of BAS. He is an outstanding sculptor and painter. He worked on the sculpture "Triumph of Freedom" with John Devaraj.
Sculpture ©2006 John Devaraj, "Triumph of Freedom".

Robin BaluRobin Balu, 18

He has no mother. He dropped out from the 8th class and was working in agriculture. His dream is to complete the 10th standard and becomes a drummer. He did not hesitate to go inside of the factories to photograph working and street children in Tamil Nadu.

MadhuMadhu, 18

He was a rag picker and lived on the streets for five years. He joined the BAS in 2005. He joined the professional drumming group which works on about HIV/AIDS awareness.

La Freda ShansiLa Frida Shanthi, 18

She fled from Pune at the age of 4. She was picked up in the Bangalore railway station and taken to the house where she became a domestic worker. She was tortured by her owner by pouring molten plastic on her leg . She fled from the house and went to Salem where she worked in the silk factory. After two years, she came back to Bangalore and joined the hostel. She became an excellent sculptor. She is also very good at dancing.

GayathriGayathri, 17

She left Hiddapur, Andra Pradesh at the age of five because she was tortured by her father. When she came to the Bangalore station, she was picked up by the Child Help Line. She joined the BAS and dreams of becoming a dance teacher. She now joins the Pre-University College.

Elisabeth, 16

She was a domestic worker and joined the 10th standard. She is now teaching children of the BAS and motivating them to study mathematics, Kannada, Hindi and other subjects. She joins the St. Joseph's Pre-University Evening College.

Mary Madonna, 16

She is from Hosur and left home at the age of seven. She wants to complete the 10th standard. She is very good at dancing.

Sudha, 16

She is an orphan and worked as a domestic worker for three years. She finished the 10th standard and joined the BAS. She is now joining the Pre-University College. She teaches subjects to students of BAS.

SatishSatish, 16

He is from Bijapur, the Northern part of Karnataka. He was strangled by his second mother and fled from home in the midnight. He went to Sholapur, Maharashtra and worked in the cycle shop. He was rescued by the Bombay Child Help Line and sent to Bangalore. He joined the BAS and liberated more than 30 children from the streets. He is now studying 7th std in Maria Niketan School.
Sculpture ©2004 John Devaraj, "As strong as an eagle, as gentle as the feather

AnandAnand, 15

He was chopping coconuts on the streets for five years to support his family. He was brought by Jayaram and joined the BAS. He finished the 7th std and now joins 8th std in the St.Joseph's Indian High School. He is a flutist student. His dream is to study in English medium and also becomes a great artist.

AnthonyAnthony Das, 14

He dropped 4th std to take care of his grandmother's petty shop on the streets. He worked two years, then joined the 7th std. He again had to work in the painting shop to support family. Jayaram brought him to the BAS and learnt drumming, painting, sculpting, dance, theater and music. He joined the St. St.Joseph's Indian High School and now studies 9th standard. His dream is to become a professional drummer and wants to serve for the children in toil.

SpartacusSpartacus, 13
He dropped out of the 5th std and became a tender-coconut chopper for three years in J.P. Nagar. He joined the BAS and grew interested in dance, drums and theater. He is studying the 6th standard. He is going to play a role of Spartacus in the Spartacus Returns. His dream is to liberate working and street children.

VenkateshVenkatesh, 13
He fled from home at the age of six and he was working in the petty shop. There his owner electrocuted him. Spartacus, Kiran and Gowri rescued Venkatesh and brought him to the BAS. He is now studying 6th standard.

Gowri GarciaGowri Garcia, 13
She is an orphan. She was working as a domestic worker and also worked in the construction site. She is very cheerful and always with all smiles. She is willing to study in the formal education.

Marin KiranMarin Kiran, 13

He is from the East Station of Bangalore and worked as a rag picker. He came to the BAS and learnt dance, theater, sculpturing and photographing. He is now willing to study in the formal education.

JallaliJallali, 12

He is from Raichur, the Northern part of Karnataka. He migrated with his family and became a tea-seller boy. He came to the BAS to sell tea and we asked him to join our school He is very attached to the cow because he was suckled and raised by its milk. So, he draws a lot of paintings of cows. He is now study in 7th standard.

SantoshSantosh, 12

He was working in the marriage hall with his mother. He joins the National Child Labour Project Program to learn reading and writing. He is an excellent gymnast and a dancer.

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