Artist Manifesto

When social values and anarchy prevailed in a decadent society, there was chaos and moral degradation Moses came down from the mountain With the Ten Commandments, sculpted on stone showing the path to life, that even today holds much truth. Here in the 21st century in the covenant of the Artist�s hearts I lay the purpose and philosophy of art.

Ten commandments of Art

I. Art is Humanity
Art has to be in the service of Humans and nature. By its expressions it humanizes the world.

II. Art Unites

It emphasizes togetherness and negates individualism. It destroys all walls and artificial materialistic barriers it raises the collective consciousness and knits together the human fabric.

III. Art is heart

Art is the heart throb of the human soul, pulsating and keeping alive the cultural continuity of civilizations. 

IV. Art is Beauty

Art is beauty, as � Man creates in accordance with the laws of beauty�. The state of beauty has to be established by creating conditions, which will nourish it�s flourishing. It will espouse holistic human values of Love, sharing, Caring, peaceful coexistence, Respect nature.

V. Art is joy

Art celebrates life. It does not discriminate humanity on the state of its being, color, beliefs and place of occurrence It beholds the goodness of the humans and promotes bondage.

VI. Art is power

Art is the embodiment of the creative power of the artist reflecting social life and therefore it empowers and emboldens those who behold it.

VII. Art is united
Art is the repository of the emotive folk spirit of civilization

VIII. Art is childhood eternal
Art is the epitome of childhood. It is high fantasy, unadulterated futuristic. It is born from the womb of the child�s imagination seeking out the pure and innocence of life. It is playful by nature.
It heralds the freedom of children from toil. Art is child liberator.

IX. Art is revolutionary
Art questions hitherto all accepted truths with such fundamental notions. It critically questions the contradictions in society; it nurtures enthusiasm and motivates change. Hence art will negate all that is ugly to humanity, poverty, hunger, exploitation of man-by-man, war, violence, greed, hatred and jealousy, physical and mental slavery.

X. Art is prophetic
Art is prophetic and the artist the prophet. It brings into this world all that is new and noble.

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