Bornfree is a people's movement - we look forward for your active participation!There are many ways to involve with the Bornfree Arts Here are few ideas:

Share your talent and your resources- we are always looking for talented and enthusiastic volunteers to share their time and knowledge with the children of Bornfree. This is a chance to work closely with former working children; as you share your skills, you will have the opportunity to learn about the issue of child labor and Bornfree's unique philosophy of education through entertainment and entertainment through education.

A. Contribute to Literacy: Tutor children in basic reading and writing in English, Hindi, and/or Kannada; mathematics; sciences, history, computer skills etc.

B. Contribute to the Arts: share your creative knowledge of sculpting, clay molding, music, dance, sewing, painting, theater, photography (or anything else!).

Please fill out a {Volunteer Registration Form} detailing your availability and volunteer preferences and email it to We will then get in touch with you via phone or email to discuss a schedule. Looking forward to meeting you!

Bornfree Workshops
Have Bornfree come to your school and run a creative workshop. We offer workshops in Dance Therapy, Dance, Drumming, Song Writing, Instrument Making, Sculpture, Theater, Puppet making, Photography and Painting. Please visit our {Workshops} page for further information.

Screen a Bornfree film at your school, college or business community
The Bornfree Art School has put together several performances which showcase the talents of young formerly-working children including Che Che, The History Expedition and Shiroi Hana. These beautiful performances work to empower young people as well as sensitize the citizens of society to themes such as child labor and the inverse link between war and education funds. Please visit our {Films Page} to view further details on Bornfree's films and then {Contact Us} to arrange to have Bornfree come and screen one or more of our films in your community!

Monthly Financial Support
Fund the education of a Bornfree student! This type of regular and ongoing support allows Bornfree to create feasible long-term financial plans and budgets. This sort of long-term financial planning promotes sustainability and allows Bornfree to grow. You can adopt the education of a child of Bornfree for Rs 1250 (USD 30) per month. If you are interested, please {Contact Us} and we will set up a monthly bank email transfer. Alternately, you can send cheques in favor of Gondwanaland Foundation to the address; 21, 2nd Cross, GH Layout, 3rd Block East Jayanagar Bangalore 560011 India, with a letter expressing your intent.…

Provide a Space
Provide a space for Bornfree to practice music, theater or dance, or for the Bornfree students to study in a quiet atmosphere.

Contribute Materials
Contribute art and study materials (fist and second hand) such as sculpting tools, paints, brushes, pencils, computers, notebooks, drawing books, music notation books, dance costumes, music instruments, digital cameras, filming cameras, etc….

Form a Bornfree Support Group
Not living in Bangalore? Form a supporting Bornfree group! If you have like-minded friends, colleagues etc who want to support the Bornfree, form a group and spread the idea of the BASI. Ways to bring Bornfree to your community:
a. Screen the History Expedition film in your schools, colleges, workplaces, NGOs, private institutions, public places, events etc. Afterwards, lead a discussion on the subject of child labour and the right of children to education.
b. Contact Bornfree and we can send you materials, information and artwork to exhibit and/or sell in your schools, colleges, workplaces, etc
c. Take up productions; performing mimes, Shiroi Hana, Spartacus Returns, etc in your group
d. Collect contributions to support the Bornfree Art School
    i. Contact Bornfree to arrange an email money transfer
    ii. Send cheques in favor of Gondwanaland Foundation to the address; 21, 2nd Cross, GH Layout, 3rd Block East Jayanagar Bangalore 560011 India

Current student groups:
Bornfree Friends (Tokyo): started in 2008
Of Legacies and Legends:
Bornfrits (A group of Ritusmeikan university students in Kyoto) started in 2007:

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